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The English Bulldog

Bulldogs descend from the Asiatic Mastiff. They were developed for bull baiting in Great Britain until the 1800′s when laws were finally passed eliminating this “sport.” Originally they looked more like a modern boxer then today’s short, squat version. After the 1835 laws prohibiting bullbaiting were passed, the bulldog itself nearly passed into history as well, since there was no purpose for the breed. Luckily a few individuals decided to save the breed from extinction, and the original bulldog club was formed in 1864.

Temperament The ferocity that was once required of them long gone, bulldogs have since been bred to be loving companions. In fact, they’re not very useful as guard or protection dogs -unless of course an intruder is scared off by looks alone. Though they are usually quite content to lounge around all day long, they can be surprisingly energetic at times, especially when young (less then 3 years.)They are very affectionate and extremely good with young children.

Health – Unfortunately bulldogs are not the healthiest of breeds. They are prone to dermatitis, eye conditions, hip displaysia, and respiratory problems. They do not tolerate heat or cold very well. Their average life span is 8-10 years. While there is obviously no guarantee against health problems, you can greatly increase your chances of adopting a healthy dog with a longer than average health span by using a knowledgeable breeder.

Care – The care and maintenance required of bulldog owners is about average for a medium sized dog. Because of their poor temperature tolerance they are not meant to be tied up in the backyard year round. They do well in an apartment, especially one with air conditioning, and demand little exercise – though ALL dogs should have some. They are quite adaptable to a surprising amount of activity. We frequently take our bullies on hikes and cross country ski trips – sometimes longer than 5 miles at a time. We do not take them on hikes during the summer when it’s over 80 degrees because of their sensitivity to heat. Their short fur needs little grooming, a brushing once a week is normally plenty and they do not shed very much. Their wrinkles do need to be cleaned daily including the folds around the tail.

English Bulldog Costs – Bulldogs are expensive. There is no getting around this fact. They almost always require artificial insemination and then a costly cesarean section to deliver the puppies. Because of the extra stress involved in reproduction responsible breeders will not have more than 4 or 5 litters per bitch AT MOST (We do not have more than 3.) They also have small litters on average (2-5) puppies is common. Lastly, bulldogs are poor nursers. Every 2-4 hours newborn puppies must have a SUPERVISED feeding. Put all these things together and you can understand why bulldogs cost so much more than most other breeds.

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