• Bulldog Puppy Proofing Your House

    In preparing your house and the premises, puppy proof your house, garage, and yard. Look for what would look attractive to your puppy. Look what might be in your puppy’s reach. (Things that he can chew up that you don’t want chewed up and things […]

  • The Veterinarians Guide to Bulldogs

    CHAPTER ONE: Evaluating the Human Client Human appears normal: has only one bulldog. Present client with list of recommended psychotherapists. Human appears somewhat harassed: has two bulldogs. Client should be referred to local mental health agency immediately. Human is paranoid with masochistic tendencies: has more than […]

  • Bulldog Breeding Guide

    Okay, I have a good looking female bulldog and she is healthy and strong so I may as well breed her and get in on the selling puppies for a thousand dollars each and make some big money. Okay, I have plenty of time and […]

  • Do Bulldogs Shed?

    Sure, they do. Would you prefer them to go around with dead hair stuck in their follicles? Shedding goes on all the time, to some degree, and is worse during spring and fall, immediately after being wet, or when skin problems occur. However, the hairs […]

  • English Bulldog Do’s and Don’ts

    Do not! Give your dog any type of bones as an adult or puppy. (“nyla bone” ok) Let him go in deep water without supervision. They cannot swim Let him get over heated or over exited. This can be fatal. If this happens wet him […]

  • Choosing a Bulldog

    So if you think you want a Bulldog (or any other dog for that matter), the best (and ONLY) thing to do is be patient, and be informed. It sounds so simple, yet most people are not informed and not patient when they purchase a […]


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