• How Much Should Your Bulldog Weigh?

    How Much Should Your Bulldog Weigh?

    The following is the results of the Bulldog weight survey taken , thanks to everyone who sent their Bully weights in. (Bulldog Bitch 12 Months + only) How Much Does Your Bully Bitch Weigh? Results % 30-35 lbs 6.06 % 35-40 lbs 7.07 % 40-45 […]

  • Demodex Mange: The Causes and Cures

    Demodex mange, as the condition is commonly called, is caused by microscopic mites that live in glands within the skin and in the hair follicles of most mammals. (On humans, they are commonly found in the eyebrow region.) All stages of life occur on the […]

  • Bulldog Tail Problems

    I would like to hear from anyone who has experience with their bulldog having a severely inverted (screwed) tail. I need to know what problems this presented for your bulldog and how you remedied the problems. I already know about the need to keep clean […]

  • How Safe is Your House?

    How often are general household products bought without reading and understanding the label? Even if a product appears to be safe, do you know what dangers could develop, should they be used or mixed with other product that may seem safe by themselves? When you […]

  • Bees and Your Bulldog

    As bulldoggers, many of us enjoy incorporating a bit of color to the surroundings of our cherished canine family members, from feed and water dishes, to toys, bedding and every-thing else in between. We artistically execute our creativity with all the elegance we would for […]

  • Bulldog Eye Injuries

    Please note the treatment for ‘light burns’ and unconscious dogs. Not many dog owners give thought to their dog suffering from light burns, and the protection of the eyes of an unconscious dog is so important. Common Types of Eye Injury: Foreign objects: The eye […]

  • Using Vinegar to Clean and Treat Skin Infections

    Vinegar is a naturally occurring germ killer and is one of the very first medicines known to man. It was used as a healing dressing on wounds and infectious sores in Biblical times, and it is credited with saving the lives of thousands of soldiers […]

  • Bulldogs and Cold Weather

    Wintertime is setting in and for those of us who live in the mountains, we start thinking of that nice warm fire, heavier clothing and making our preparations for snow storms, ice and power failures. Bulldogs cannot tolerate much cold. They love the snow and […]

  • What is Cherry Eye?

    Keeping in mind that I am neither a veterinarian nor a zoologist; here is my understanding of the mechanics of Bulldog eyes: Unlike humans, bulldogs have an inner lower eyelid that is normally hidden and supported by the visible outer lower eyelid. The inner lid […]

  • What’s Wrong With My Bulldog! Symptoms Guide

    Use this guide containing symptoms of some problems your bulldog may be experiencing to relieve him/her until veterinarian help can be obtained. Is in deep sleep and stops breathing: This could be a condition called sleep apnea meaning temporary suspension of respiration. Try to awaken […]


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