• What to Feed Your Bulldog

    What to Feed Your Bulldog

    For good health, your Bulldog needs a balanced diet that contains essential nutrients in proper proportions. They should also have fresh water at their disposal at all times to prevent dehydration. Most dog owners feed their Bulldogs one big meal per day. However, feeding the […]

  • Are English Bulldogs Right for You?

    Are English Bulldogs Right for You?

    Dogs and dog ownership is highly romanticized in culture, so it’s easy to fall in love with the idea of owning a dog. However, the reality of having a pet is much, much different. Dogs will be your friends for life, but they require nearly […]

  • Behavioral Problems in Bulldogs

    Behavioral Problems in Bulldogs

    Bulldogs don’t have many behavior problems when compared to other dog breeds. The primary issue with Bulldogs is their propensity for chewing, which can be alleviated by training the dog to only chew on safe items. This is not to say, however, that Bulldogs can’t […]

  • How Much Care Do Bulldogs Need?

    How Much Care Do Bulldogs Need?

    Bulldogs are a lovable breed that requires a good deal of care. Because of this, they are not a good breed for people who have never owned dogs before. If you are looking to get a Bulldog as a first dog, you may want to […]

  • English Bulldog Temperament

    English Bulldog Temperament

    The stereotype of the Bulldog breed is that the dogs are lazy, ugly, and lacking intelligence. However, this stereotype is the product of a misunderstanding–on purpose and accidental–of the dogs’ characteristics. In reality, Bulldogs are highly prized by their owners for their loyalty, tenacity, and […]

  • Caring for Your English Bulldog

    Caring for Your English Bulldog

    In general, the health concerns and care of Bulldogs are no more or less complicated than other dog breeds. They are just as likely to suffer from cancer, diabetes, and epilepsy as other dogs and their human handlers. However, Bulldogs are not complainers. Even if […]

  • English Bulldog Breed Description

    English Bulldog Breed Description

    Although the history of the English Bulldogs is filled with aggression and violence, it is one of the gentlest, funniest, and loyalist dog breeds around. They tend to be a little polarizing in the canine community with some people thinking Bulldogs are cute and others […]

  • What Are English Bulldogs Like?

    What Are English Bulldogs Like?

    Most Bulldog owners would say the breed is special and very different from other types of dogs; something that often sparks debates with owners of other dog breeds. However, Bulldogs do have notable characteristics that make them stand out. They are incredibly patient, especially with […]

  • Steps for Purchasing a Puppy

    Steps for Purchasing a Puppy

    A dog represents an immense investment of time and money. It’s important you learn the right way to purchase a puppy to ensure you are ready for this lifetime commitment. Here are the specific steps you need to take when buying a puppy. 1. Choose […]

  • The History of Bulldogs and Bull Baiting

    The History of Bulldogs and Bull Baiting

    By the time bull baiting reached England, it was, by no means, a new “sport”. Many ancient civilizations including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans had participated in similar pastimes. However, it was the sport’s popularity in England during the Middle Ages that gave rise to […]


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