In preparing your house and the premises, puppy proof your house, garage, and yard. Look for what would look attractive to your puppy. Look what might be in your puppy’s reach. (Things that he can chew up that you don’t want chewed up and things that could hurt him) Be sure electrical cords are out of reach and tucked away. Pick up books, magazines, and put away any knick knack that might be within puppy’s reach. Some house plants are very poisonous. In the yard, double check your fence. It is smart to padlock your gate to help prevent your puppy from being stolen. Remember Bulldogs do not swim ! They can drown in a fast hurry. Should you have a swimming pool or hot tub fence it off so the puppy can not get near it. Covering will help but keep in mind puppies chew. If you have a garden area it would be wise not to let him have access to it.

If your puppy has access to the garage, puppy proof it as well. Put all paints, antifreezes, and ect… up. All substances that might be poisonous should go on a high shelf.Tylenol and chocolate are very poisonous. Either of these items can kill your puppy !

A baby play pen while your puppy is little is a safe place to keep him if you have to leave the house, or if you can put up a baby gate to confine him to one room such as a utility room or bath room. Try to keep them off slick surfaces such as linoleum or concrete slab for a while, lack of traction can cause accidents and injure puppy’s bones or joints. The best thing to do is lay some large towels down if you want to keep them in a room with those floor surfaces.

Always be alert for a new or unusual behavior! Both puppies and adults can silently endure enormous amounts of pain, which is typical of a Bulldog. Sometimes the change is gradual and quite subtle. When abnormal behavior persists, consult your Veterinarian.