Q} What is the AKC ?

A} The AKC is the American Kennel Club. It is a registry of pure bred dogs.

Q} What kind of quality checks does the AKC do on it’s registered dogs?

A} none.

Q} But they check on their registered breeders right?

A} nope.

Q} So what does it mean to be registered?!?!

A} It means that each registered dog has a number – that’s basically it.

Q} So why does it matter if a dog is AKC registered ?

A} Responsible breeders need to know exactly who their breeding. To breed the healthiest dogs you have to know as much as possible about their ancestry.Registrations do not equal great dogs, but a lack of registration equals a very irresponsible breeder. Never buy a dog without AKC registration papers – save your money and adopt a dog from a local shelter instead.

Q} So what exactly is a Pedigree ?

A} A pedigree is simply a dog’s family tree.

Q} What’s the deal with all the letters/titles/abbreviations around a dog’s name?

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Q} What about the the other kennel clubs, like the CKC, APRI, ACA, ect.?

A} The AKC and UKC (American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club) are very old, very respected registries. In 2000 the AKC made DNA testing mandatory for all sires who produce more than 3 litters in a year, or 7 in a lifetime. Now this caused alot of havoc among many in the industry so what did they do? They now boycott the AKC and have their own registries !
Here’s a list:

Club Name Respectable? Notes
AKC American Kennel Club Yes DNA testing on all Sires who produce 3+ litters a year, or 7 in a lifetime.
UKC United Kennel Club Yes Specializes in Performance Dogs
CKC Canadian Kennel Club Yes The Canadian version of the AKC
CKC Continental Kennel Club No Offers discounts for puppymills. The more dogs you breed/register with them, the cheaper they get!!!
APRI American Pet Registry INC Nope Non profit registry created by commercial breeders. Lobbying force for puppymills.
ACA American Canine Association No, but they sure look good at first glance Advertises that over 3000 adult breeding canines are registered each week. This registry is endorsed by Petland. Caters to commercial breeders
UKCI Universal Kennel Club International No Offers Complete Privacy Protection for breeders. Great place for breeders/mills/brokers who don’t want the hassle of dealing with disappointed buyers.
NAPDR North American Purebred Dog Registry Definitely not If you have no papers, but are sure of the dogs’ breed – just fill out their application with the information you know, send it in and voila’ – you’ve got a registered pure bred dog !!!
APR American Purebred Registry No way Same registration policy as above.
WKC World Kennel Club Notice a Pattern Here? See Above.
WWKC World Wide Kennel Club Take a Guess Will Register any dog from any other registry in the world (including those on this page.) Great for those breeders looking to multiple-register their dogs in order to create the illusion of a well bred litter.
DRA Dog Registry of America Lotta’ Scum Here Formerly U.S. Kennel Club. Offers cheap registration for any dog alive (or dead.)No bothersome DNA testing. Want your dog to become a champion without putting in any effort ? Just send in $125 to them and you get to charge more for litters and confuse customers with real AKC champions!
ARU Animal Registry Unlimited No Another cheap need-no-proof-dog registry.
GKC Global Kennel club No Same as the WWKC
FIC Federation of International Canines yeah, right Another great place for large, commercial breeders. Breed as many dogs as you can – it only get’s more profitable !
UABR United All Breed Registry sure puts up a good front, but no Caters to commercial pet industry. Offers nice discounts for big puppymills.
CRCS Canine Registration and Certification Services yada yada yada Same as most of the above.